Jewelry Love: Two-Finger Nameplate Rings

two finger nameplate script ring

I loooooooove nameplate jewelry–it’s classic NYC style.  Ever since I lost my very first nameplate necklace that I got 10 years ago when I first moved to the city, I’ve been meaning to get something new.*  So when my regular online trollings for fun jewelry led me to a place that makes custom gold-plated rings for $35, I went for it.  I must admit I was slightly inspired by the dooooope BROOKLYN rings sported by a couple of ladies at the beginning of the Mr. Muthaf*ckin eXquire Huzzah remix video.  I am definitely not pretending to be cool as those girls, I am merely engaging in the sincerest form of flattery.  The ring came in only a few days and it is completely silly and gives me the lulz and of course I <3 it to death.  And guess what? Now I want MORE NAMEPLATE JEWELRY.  Perhaps PA Nicole and I will fulfill our dream to get nameplate necklaces that say MENSA.  Weirdly, the place I bought it from was a vendor that uses the Sears online marketplace and appears to sell only custom two-finger rings and jaunty baby formal wear.  Life is full of mysteries.

*sadly it was never to be found in the lining of my old purse