Uniqlo’s Easy Leggings Are Easy to Love

I tend to shy away from leggings, imagining that I’ll end up looking like someone on “People of Walmart” or one of those people I see on the street and think to myself “tights are not pants.” Legging technology, however, has improved quite a bit in recent years. So instead of flimsy fabric that shows each and every miniscule thigh detail, you can now find leggings in a variety of fabrics as thick as a pretty serious pair of jeans or pants for a much more structured look.

I saw these Easy Leggings at Uniqlo and figured, why not try them on? I was happily surprised when I tried a denim pair on to find that I didn’t look like a Person of Walmart or a scandalous lady of the night. I just looked like a person wearing a pair of REALLY comfortable, yet tight, pants. The Easy Leggings come in a ton of colors – maybe I’ll work up the guts to buy the bright yellow ones!

Grab them at Uniqlo for $19.90!