Draw Something: Why is Everyone So Much Better at This Than I Am?

via drawsomedrawings.tumblr.com

By now I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you guys what Draw Something is.  The ubiquitous Pictionary-like app is one of my new fave things to play on my phone, and I have been pleasantly surprised to see some of my friends are really pretty good artists!  In contrast, here is my latest attempt at the game:


So you can see, from my amazing art skills above, why I would be so in awe of the blog Drawsome Drawings.  Submissions from readers mixed in with the blogger’s own Draw Something entries make for some pretty impressive art…I feel ashamed and crazy jealous.

via drawsomedrawings.tumblr.com

How do people manage this?  I feel like my fingers are big meaty paws that can hardly draw a straight line on my phone, let alone create glorious, funny, impressionistic ART.  Geez.

Check out a ton of awesome (DRAWSOME HAR HAR) art at Drawsome Drawings!