Sneaker Love: Reebok Freestyle Reign-Bow

I don’t know how I’ve made it through my entire sneaker-loving life without ever owning a pair of Reebok Freestyles! I’ve always loved them from a distance (especially how the sole matched the rest of the shoe – I h8 white soles!), but there was always some other pair I HAD to have instead. I assumed they’d always be around, as iconic as they are, and indeed they’re now celebrating their 30th anniversary. This special Reign-Bow color collection was resurrected to honor the occasion. It might be time for me to finally pull the trigger – I’m kind of obsessed with that neon purple!

Reebok’s online store is sold out at the moment, but there are  other places to cop them online for about $70, including JimmyJazz.

PS: While Googling these shoes, I came across an amazing female-centric sneaker blog – If you are a sneaker-loving lady, check it out!