Sabre’s Mirrored Sunglasses: I Will Look Like A Tool In These But I Don’t Care

The Dude, $75 / Madness, $94.50 / Heartbreaker, $100 / Poolside, $75

After watching Grimes perform at SXSW on YouTube all I could think was “I NEED THOSE SUNGLASSES”.  I guess with the reemergence of neon it would only make sense that mirrored sunglasses would not be far on its heels, and I am just that much of a fashion victim that I am now kind of dying for a pair.

Speedway, $95

Sabre makes some really dope pairs, even if you aren’t into the mirrored sunglasses look their site is worth taking a look.  Cute sunglasses abound, and it’s almost summer!