Girly Hobo No Longer

Clockwise from top left:  Kimchi Blue Doctor Weekender, $99 / Topshop Tropical Print Holdall, $92 / Gravis Travel Duffle in Aloha, $84 / Kimchi Blue Floral Patch Weekender, $59

This weekend I’m going away for the first time with my new boo.  Besides the usual packing panic (it’s going to be mid 80s in Virginia!  I don’t even remember what people wear in Summer anymore it’s been eternal Spring for so long), I am also feeling stupidly ashamed of my weekend bag.  A berry colored American Apparel duffle, it’s not BAD.  Just makes me feel like…a girly hobo?  I’m 32…shouldn’t I own semi-respectable luggage that’s not from Am Appy or Target?

Clockwise from top left: Fossil Vintage Key-Per, $198 / Elliott Lucca, $298 / Free People Day Trip Roller, $178 / Herschel Supply Co. Walton, $150

Thank the lord that PA Kiki is here with her plethora of luggage and cute weekend bags to save me.  In the future though, I definitely plan on investing in a pretty and travel friendly weekender, so I can look like the classy world (read: weekend trips to Jersey) traveler that I am!