Girl Crush: Haim

It’s kind of hard to believe that we haven’t yet written about this trio of gorgeous, rocking sisters. PA Nicole saw these girls a year a couple years ago in their hometown of LA, and she has been singing their praises ever since. When I saw them back in October during CMJ it was clear that they have everything it takes to be HUGE. I was smitten. The Haim sisters are talented, charismatic, funny, and hot. They give and don’t give just the right amount of f*cks. They are the ultra cool girls next door who are actually nice. Can I eat fries and milkshakes with you please?

…and ride mopeds with you?

I haven’t even started talking about their music yet because you have to just hear how awesome it is yourself (to quote from someone else it’s “as if Fleetwood Mac was produced by Prince”). Haim is a next big thing, but one that will likely have staying power. I’m not even worried about building them up too much before you see them because they are *that* good. Like, make-you-excited-about-music-as-if-it’s-the first-time kind of good.

Download their free EP, Haim Forever and see them this Saturday at Glasslands.

p.s. Haim’s EP doesn’t have a song that I consider to be their major banger which is a little tune called The Wire. Check a video of it and some other sweet songs here.