I Want to Be Seen From Space

Zatchels Fluorescent Saddle Bag, $89.45

I recently bought the above crossbody bag from Zatchels.com, a British company who makes each bag they ship to order.  Y’all, this bag is gorgeous and it is BRIGHT.  I get comments everywhere I go and it literally casts an orange shadow on anything I’m wearing, and guess what?  I DO NOT CARE, it is so epic and I feel like it makes me look like an awesome IDGAF type of person every time I wear it.

J.Crew 4″ Chino Short, $45 / Madewell Neonray Sweatpants, $58 / Zara Blazer, $129

The problem is that now I pretty much want to be constantly awash in the glow of neon clothing.  Sure I might look like a deranged, overaged Lisa Frank devotee but who cares.  Color!  Walkin’ on sunshine!

Aerie Concert Bra Corset, $20.70 / Ash Bowie Wedge Sneaker, $225