Monochromatic French Manicures = My New Obsession

It’s been faaaar to long since I’ve had any action on this blog and to ease myself back in, I’m going with what’s easy… AKA posting about manicures. So here is my new nail obsession: Monochromatic french manicures.

I love getting crazy intense sparkly manicures, but sometimes I feel like the higher ups at my place of employment look at my hands and think I’m a lunatic. Enter the color-blocked french mani! Everyone and their mother gets brightly colored solid manis these days, so that seems to be acceptable in most work environments. Now take it one step further and add a tiny bit of a second color. Voila! A fun, not-so-crazy manicure. An added bonus is that you can get it done in any salon and you don’t have to go to a fancy nail art spot.