Healthy Crack: Cashew Cookie Larabar

While food bars aren’t really the most exciting subject, they’re kind of a necessity of life sometimes. If you’ve ever run through an airport, been late to work, or better yet, rushed from your day job to your night job, you know that sitting down for a nice meal sometimes isn’t possible. It’s nice to have a go-to thing you can grab that you know will be good and will be healthier than, say, a slice of pizza or a donut.

I’ve tried a lot of different bars and found that for the most part they’re either super calorie-laden, taste like glorified cardboard, or both! Once I tried the Cashew Cookie Larabar though, I knew I had a new standby grab-and-go snack. A bite or two in, I thought to myself – “Damn, this is REALLY good. I wonder what’s in it.” I was totally surprised that the ingredient list consisted of only TWO items – cashews and dates! That’s it! Amazing how something so simple can taste so rich and delicious – sweet, but not too sweet.

Next time you’re on the go, I recommend trying one out. You can buy a whole case on Amazon for under $20!