I Subscribed to HBO Just to Watch Girls

I heard today that our brain chemistry is still that of an adolescent up until age 25…which explains a lot about my pre-25 life in NYC. Maybe that’s also why this show is called Girls.

In one of the hotel rooms I found myself in this spring, I saw a trailer for Girls on HBO and I was immediately drawn in. These girls looked like…real girls! And they didn’t appear to be particularly monied. And, it looked like their relationships were pretty awful. Not Sex and the City LOL awful, but like, too real to LOL at. Ahh, to be 22, single, poor and in NYC again…? Best of times/worst of times..?

Anyway, that best of times/worst of times scenario is exactly where Hannah, the show’s protagonist finds herself. Played by Lena Dunham (who also created, wrote and directed the series), Hannah portrays a young woman with Per Se dreams in a Crif Dogs reality.  At least, that’s what I gather from the trailer. Also, I should mention that the show is co-produced by king of sensitive lulz, Judd Apatow (FREAKS AND F-ING GEEKS ANYONE?).

In short, while I don’t think my heart/spirit/mind/body/dignity could handle reliving this period of my own life, I’m really excited to see how 25-year-old Lena Dunham captures its essence. So excited, that I was actually inspired to spend even MORE money with Time Warner in order to watch it. Tune in to HBO this Sunday and enter my dream/nightmare.