Have You Heard About Caine’s Arcade?

If you like things that are so cute and inspiring that they might make you cry, then I implore you to watch the short film, Caine’s Arcade. Little, adorable 9-year-old Caine is not just little and adorable. He’s also a powerhouse of creativity, taking big ideas and translating them into real life with whatever’s lying around…his dad’s auto parts shop. At first, his ideas might seem pretty simple, but as the film progresses, I guarantee that your mind will be blown by the level of detail and thought he puts in to each aspect of his cardboard arcade. I mean, just wait until you see how he validates his Fun Passes.

In this short (just over 10 minutes) film, you’ll see how Caine got his first customer…and then a whole lot of other customers…and then why he told his dad that he “had the best day of his whole life.” I seriously just almost stared crying and I watched this four days ago. Take the 10 minute break and watch, you’ll be glad you did.