Nothing Is Cuter Than Jonathan Groff Performing “Anything Goes”

You may know Jonathan Groff from his role as Jesse St. James from Glee or Melchior Gabor from Spring Awakening, but have you heard of his turn as female nightclub singer Reno Sweeney in Anything Goes? Probably not, because being a handsome dude and all he wouldn’t be cast in that role…UNTIL NOW thanks to MCC Theater and their yearly Miscast Gala.

For Miscast, Broadway stars get to perform songs from roles in which they’d never realistically be cast. Due to an admitted obsession with Sutton Foster (who played Reno Sweeney in the current Broadway revival), Groff was dying to perform the epic eight-minute tap number “Anything Goes.” And perform it, HE DID – he even got the dancers from the Broadway revival to perform with him!

The performance is of course amazing – from the first jazz hands (at appx 1:45), his giddiness is palpable. I was actually compelled to start clapping while staring at my computer. My only problem with this is WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS PERFORMANCE? If things this amazing happen every year, I’m just gonna line up now for 2013 tickets.

Here’s Jonathan!

And for comparison’s sake, check out Sutton Foster performing the same number on the Tony Awards!