Neon Tribal Genius

Matiko Rosa Sandals

Ladies, it looks like neon is here to stay, at least for another heat wave. But for those of you who are color-challenged (like myself), this can be a difficult thing to accept. That doesn’t mean that you have to run away from the idea screaming. There are ways, and good ways, to show the world you’re not a color prude. The Matiko Rosa sandals are the perfect way to start. Your muted color palette will get a pop of color, some zebra-like stripes, a little metallic, and cute brass studs : all those things you never thought possible, put together harmoniously in one shoe.  The discrete neon yellow stripe up the back of your heel will be hardly alarming to anyone looking, and they’ll be otherwise subdued by the discrete black white and gray on the straps.

You cans snag a pair on the Pixie Market website for $154, or go for the better deal at Nordstrom, where they’re on sale for $127.95.