Power Concept: Start Here Mart

pull and push cube planter

I am the first to admit that I love shopping. Reading Marx and discussing “thing theory” in French literature classes has not changed my love of exchanging dough for well designed commodities. But at some point the Marx gets to you, and the deliberate effacement of the human hand in the object starts pulling at your conscience. Start Here Mart makes me feel a little better about my wholehearted acceptance of the capitalist system.

alba media edition alarm clock

Much like Toms, they seek to use consumerist tendencies for a good cause: 50% of their profits go to a not-for profit organization (healinghaiti.org and opportunity.org).  The best part, though, is that everything in their shop is everything you didn’t know you wanted: a wooden, hand-made alarm clock, cube planters that look like concrete buildings, and customizable notebooks are my favorites in the bunch. Their selection changes frequently, so it’s worth a visit every couple of months. So what are you waiting for? Make a donation while buying yourself a gift.

Check out the StartHere Mart website to get the full collection experience.