Azealia and Diplo “Fuck Up the Fun”

The endlessly talented Azealia Banks has returned to smack us over the head with this vicious banger produced by Diplo. “Fuck Up the Fun” is maximal minimal. It’s just Azealia and drums, but it’s a LOT of Azealia and what sounds like 10 drum corps. But for real, you need at least 10 to match her flow. If this is a taste of what we’re going to get on her upcoming record, I am PSYCHED. Not to even MENTION the fact that she recently mentioned a Kanye beat on Twitter. In the meantime, listen to the Azealia/Diplo collabo below!

And as an added bonus, check out this lulz-worthy video review of “212” by a bunch of adorable little British children. And yes, it’s the clean version.