T-ara Channels “Thriller” in “Lovey Dovey” Video

I think it’s time to admit that T-ara has replaced 2NE1 as my favorite K-Pop girl group! I mean, I still love 2NE1 (and 2NE1 TV), but nothing can match the holy K-Pop trinity of T-ara’s “Bo Peep,” “Roly Poly” and now “Lovey Dovey!” (And, I haven’t even GOTTEN to “Cry Cry” yet.) If you’re all, WTF does this all mean, just stay with me.

T-ara’s latest dancefloor banger “Lovey Dovey” combines “Moves Like Jagger”-y ooohs with clubby pop and once you hear it, you’ll not only have it stuck in your head for life, you’ll also spend every waking moment perfecting the run in place/hop and charleston choreography (or maybe that’s just me – my run in place/hop game is tight). SO GOOD. And did I mention that the video involves copious amounts of blood and flesh-eating zombies? WATCH!