New Dog Obsession: The Norwegian Lundehund

O HAI! I thought I knew every single dog breed that existed until I came across this mystifyingly adorable creature on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Norwegian Lundehund has fox-like Shiba Inu-esque looks, an amazingly awkward gait and BONUS TOES! Lundehunds have six toes per foot which helped them with stability back in the day when they were used to hunt puffins on the steep cliffs of Norway. And most importantly, they are so GD cute. In fact, here is a picture of a Norwegian Lundehund pup!

WHATTTT. Don’t you love how the bonus toes make the puppy’s feet look so disproportionately big?!

Furthermore, in order to get the full Norwegian Lundehund experience, please enjoy this video demonstrating their unique and loveable gait: