NAILGasm: Nail Documentary Tells Me It’s Ok to be Obsessed with My Nails

L.A. lady Brass is working on a documentary about nail art and she needs your help!  We at Power Animals have long been fascinated with the creativity and skill it takes to translate a design into teeny tiny nail art, so we are crazy excited to see what these talented women have to say about their process and the evolution of nail art.  I especially like how they point out that these nail artists are primarily women, and like crafting, needlepoint etc, it is a form of art that may not get the respect it deserves because it is transient/for the home/created for women by women.  More power to all artists, whether they are knitting tea cozies, making pretty cupcakes or creating dope nail art!

Make sure to check out Brass’ tumblr, then head on over to Kickstarter to support the NAILGasm documentary!