Thinking Spring: Native Boots

Native Jimmy Boots at Rugged Sole

credit: rugged sole

Rainy days in the city mean clogged drains and pools of dirty water on city streets and at the bottom of subway stairs. City dwellers, you know what I’m talking about.  Wet shoes and even wetter pant hems make for a miserable morning commute. That’s why a good pair of rain boots are a must, and it helps when they don’t look like something a five year old would wear. Now, more than one Power Animal can profess her love for the classic Bean Boots, but I’ve recently come across a potential competitor: Native Shoes‘ Jimmy Boots. Imagine a bright bean boot with white rubber soles, and you’ve got the Jimmy – available in a rainbow of colors from plain black, to regatta blue, to an eye popping torch red. I’m keeping my Bean Boots, but on a damp gray day, it would be nice to put a pop of color in my life.

You can check out the Native collection on their website, and the boots are currently on sale at Zappos for $65.99-$72.99 (though they’ve got a limited color selection). Rugged Sole on 6th Ave. in New York also carries them, if you want to check it out in person.