Party Rats: Two Ways

PA Nicole, Kat, and I used to live a few blocks away from a vacant lot in Williamsburg that had TONS of rats. We used to joke that for Halloween we were going to dress up as the rats of Hewes street—one of us would be a garbage can and the others would be rats that circled it and grabbed stuff from it. I think we should still do it. These rats were infamous and people would definitely know what we were! Or we can all just be ghostrat for Halloween (kidding! I’m going to be sexy Mike Ditka, duh). All this rat talk makes me excited to point out two items that exist in the world—both awesome and both named PARTY RAT. One is this excellent “Party Rat Regine” faux fur bucket purse by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

And then we arrive at these Party Rat Finger Lights, which are EXCELLENT FOR NIGHT BLOGGING. Yes, my friends, you need these for both night blogging and raving.

It would be pretty sweet to have both of these in your life, no? Put your party rats in your party rat and PAINT THE TOWN RED.

Thanks to for the sweet Party Rats in action image!