Lulz: Colbert on Morning Joe

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My morning routine involves making myself a cappuccino and turning on the TV to watch the last hour of Morning Joe, the only morning show worth watching (though I am curious about the new CBS morning show/imitation of Morning Joe with Charlie Rose). But I was totally  unprepared for the hilarity of Friday morning’s show. Now, I’ve been following Stephen Colbert’s hilarious and disturbing political moves every night on the Colbert Report, but rarely do you get to see Colbert so off the cuff as he was with the Morning Joe crew in South Carolina.  They consecrated an astounding twenty minutes to a single segment with Colbert, a ridiculous amount of time to see the late night host at his prime.  Watch out for the moment when Joe finally totally loses his composure, and Mika has to (as usual) step in to get the boys under control. All I’ll tell you is that, according to Colbert, Ron Paul is our country’s very own Rumpelstiltskin. Now go on, find twenty minutes and get ready for side splitting laughs.