In Love with Wild Beasts

Since first hearing Wild Beasts about three years ago, I have been 100% in love with them and their undefinable sound. Somehow they manage make music that’s both subtle and incredibly, unabashedly sexy. I hesitate to use any more words to describe them, because I don’t want to spoil the magic, however I think that this quote from Ian Cohen at Pitchfork totally nails it:

On Smother, Wild Beasts continued to shed the attention-grabbing antics of their earlier work to reveal the curvatures of expertly performed, wholly original art-funk in a stark relief that feels uncomfortably lurid at times. But it’s fitting as co-frontmen Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming celebrate masculinity while acknowledging its vulnerabilities and shortcomings…Did you use the term “grown and sexy” to describe any other rock record this year? I hope not. –Ian Cohen

I mean, grown and sexy is cot damn right. Though everything they do is totally amazing, I selected this performance of “Lion’s Share” from their latest album Smother, because it prominently features BOTH of the amazing vocalists in the band, Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming. Check it!

I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore the entire Wild Beasts catalog, which you can do at both Insound and iTunes.