Gadget Pride: Aerolatte

So it’s 2012 and I’m still waiting for my hoverboard. Luckily I have luxury kitchen gadgets to keep me busy till the future arrives. Most recently, my favorite thing has been the aerolatte. After 2 years on my Christmas list I got one of these babies this year and it is so rad, I should have paid the $20 myself a long time ago.

The aerolatte is a battery powered wand that you can use in hot or cold drinks. Its specialty is frothing milk and making it possible to recreate a cafe style latte at home. I’ve have tried it with dairy milk and almond milk which totally works great as well. It’s perfect for New York living cause it’s small enough to throw in a drawer and easy to clean but it makes normal drinks feel special and expensive.

It has also come in handy to mix protein powder into a healthy drink. With water it simply functions as a really basic hand mixer. One of the most delicious things I have made is a great chocolate milkshake ( thinner but frothy and amazing) with organic milk, unsweetened cocoa powder and agave nectar. SO GOOD!

You can find aerolatte online and at Whisk in Brooklyn.