Power List: 3 Products to Save Your Skin From Terrible Winter Dryness

It’s freezing cold, wind is whipping down the avenues, and tears are running down your face. It’s winter, YAAAAAYYYYY!

Haha, kidding. Winter is my nemesis. It makes my skin sad and red and dry and crackly and it has become clear to me that I was meant to live in the tropics. Many, many years of dealing with this has made it a necessity to find the best winter skin creams available, and I present to you my top three!

CeraVe “protects the skin barrier” and comes in a cream, lotion, and AM and PM (with spf) facial lotion formulas. I just started using it a couple of months ago, so it’s the one that I know the least about. But srsly, check the reviews–people love this stuff. Some people think the lotion is better than the cream for suuuper dry skin, but I can’t tell yet. What I do know is that I use both the lotion and the cream on my face and it is way better than the expensivo stuff I used to use. I’m also digging the facial cleansers. They are all dermatologist faves. Less dinero and works better, yay!

Aveeno Skin Relief Cream is my long-time superstar and it is best for your hands and your bod. I’ve read reviews of this stuff on sites where moms say that it has actually made them cry tears of joy because it’s the only product that has helped their child’s dry winter skin. But it’s true–this stuff changed my life. Start with the stuff with the blue caps, as the rest of the Aveeno products are hit or miss.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream seems like it’s nbd because it’s just Neutrogena, you know? But the special Norwegian formula hand cream really is a miracle worker. It somehow forms a protective layer, but isn’t greasy. It’s the best hand stuff ever, and is a previous PA favorite (but it deserves another mention as part of this list!).

Conquer your winter skin woes!