Radiolab = Fave NPR Show of All Time

Goat Standing on Cow

I am a huge NPR junky. I love our local station, WNYC, and have it on in the background throughout most of my day. Throughout the week it’s news news news, but on the weekends we get special treats like my absolute fave, Radiolab. The very first episode I heard was one in which some people drive by a goat standing on a cow, which leads them to a box of old letters left by the side of a road and a mystery involving homesick WWII soldiers, California’s highway 101, a NYC middle school teacher, some unfriendly landowners, and an estranged wife from the past. The show is awesome, weaving stories and mysteries, and exploring philosophical and scientific questions.

Radiolab episodes take a long time to produce, so it doesn’t quite have a normal schedule. I end up listening to most of the episodes on podcasts (they’re perfect for long car rides). A couple recent favorites include “games” and “patient zero.” It’s so good that one of the hosts, Jad Abumrad, won a MacArthur Foundation genius grant, ensuring it will be around for a super duper long time.  I <3 Radiolab!