Hooray for Kiehl’s Recycling Program!

Reasons to love Kiehl’s are not hard to find. Their products are incredible, they have wonderful customer service and they’re not afraid to dole out the free samples so you can try before you commit. Their Recycle and Be Rewarded program is now one more yea for me to add to the list.

I’d been saving up my Kiehl’s empties for a while, knowing that the program existed, but not really knowing the details. I finally got around to taking them in today and was super, extremely, mega delighted with the results! It turns out that I had exactly 10 containers, so I got the motherlode: a free lip balm (the best balm ever, in case you didn’t know) for turning in three, a free travel size product of my choice for turning in five AND a free full-size product (up to $25) for turning in 10. Also, the person at the counter didn’t just give me the cheapest thing I was buying for free, she took the maximum amount ($25) off the most expensive thing I was buying so I got the maximum benefit. How awesome! So not only was I able to recycle my empty containers with Kiehl’s, which is great in itself. I was also rewarded to the max for doing it. Love you, Kiehl’s!

You can participate in the program at any Kiehl’s location (not in the department store kiosks though). I like the flagship store on 3rd Ave. and 13th St. Find a location near you on their site!