Aqua by Aqua: NYE Outift? Done and Done

Pretty much every year this happens…I wait until the last minute, and then start frantically trolling the internet and popping into stores I hardly ever go in (Forever 21 I’m looking at you) in a desperate attempt to secure something sparkly and fun for NYE.

I can already tell that this year will be the same as always, but at least this time around I found these seriously insane dresses by Aqua (remember this loco dress?) and I am SWOONING, how totally rad would you look rocking these, some serious eyeliner and glitter heels?  SO rad.  Fact.

I’m also super into their non-glittery stuff, like these ca-razy pantsuits and bodysuits…I am dying to wear that bodysuit under a tulip skirt.  How French Alien would that be?

On top of all that, today is your lucky day because there’s a sale happening on Aqua’s site!  Bummer that they’re located in the UK but with savings from the sale adding that express shipping won’t hurt your pocket too much.

Check out all of Aqua’s sweet offerings here!

Sequin Cape Dress, $148.95 / Sequin Klingon Dress, $173.25 / Ursula Dress, $98.75 / Fleetwood Maxi Dress, $106.60 / Coco Jumpsuit, $133.25 / Plato Bodysuit, $81.50