Power List: 3 Products for the Best Beachy Waves

It is a simple fact of life that people always yearn for hair that is different from their own. Up through my early 20s I had stick-straight Marcia Brady hair and dreamed of hair that did something, anything! Over the years my hair listened to me and has a lot more texture but, of course, now I look back with longing to that flat shiny hair, sigh.

Well, whether I like it or not, nowadays my hair often looks like I went beach roller skating on a humid day. So, in order to keep the frizzies at bay, I have become absolutely reliant on beach spray. Here are my experiences so far:

1. Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, $20.49.

I got this from the giveaway table at work and so far, this is shaping up to be the best $20.49 I never spent. It manages to create body, remove frizz and leave the hair soft. More subtle and natural than similar products. In short: try it!

2. Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, $23.00.

This spray appears to be the most popular of its kind on the market and I can see why. Although occasionally I feel like it makes my hair too hard, it certainly takes away the frizz and leaves my hair with appealing texture. I find it also works better when paired with a leave in conditioner. In short: not perfect but does the trick.

3. Charlotte Ronson A Perfect Mess Beach Hair, $20. I went to Sephora planning to buy this after reading about it in a magazine but after one squirt, I had second thoughts. It has a very strong scent (maybe roses) that was a deal-breaker for a hair product. It gave the hair a nice shine but I also got the feeling that could get greasy looking quickly. In short: Although the smell is nice it is overpowering for a hair product. Avoid unless you are looking for hair perfume.