The Last of Us: Like Walking Dead but Less Lame

The Last of Us, the newest effort from Naughty Dog (creators of super fun adventure game series Uncharted) was unveiled at the Spike Video Game Awards on Saturday and it’s already created major waves in the video game community.  The below clip was pulled straight from the game (as opposed to animation crafted outside of the game that makes it look better than it really is) and features Ellie and Joel, two humans trying to survive in a dead world overrun by zombies.

Last Of Us

After watching what has been an extremely disappointing season of Walking Dead (I could not have cared less where Sophia was and after a while I was rooting for them to find her dead or zombified) I am super excited for what looks to be a fun and scary adventure game.  The fact that it seems to be from the POV of a teenage girl is also really appealing…how often do you get to play a gruesome zombie game as a female survivor that doesn’t look like Lara Croft?


Unfortunately, because Naughty Dog is owned by Sony this title will only be released for the PS3.  Sad news for Xbox owners!  There is also no release date yet, but some reports are saying a whole year from now.  UGH!  Hopefully that’s wrong and we’ll get to play as a girl who looks eerily like Ellen Page sooner rather than later.

Head on over to The Last of Us site, check out other titles from Naughty Dog (Uncharted is highly recommended, it’s like a playable Indiana Jones), and follow The Last of Us on twitter to get the latest updates on release dates and more.