Netflix Fix: SNL, LOTS of SNL

Whenever people give me that whole “there’s nothing good on Netflix Instant” thing, I get confused. I don’t really think it’s anything worth arguing about, but there are in fact a lot of good things on Netflix Instant and I haven’t come close to watching them all yet. One of the most awesome things available to stream instantly is SNL. And not just SOME SNL. EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of SNL! Since 1975! Yay!

So, I’m a huge SNL fan. Ever since childhood, I basically thought that Saturday Night Live was the end-all be-all of comedy and life in general. Still to this day, I don’t feel like my week is complete if I haven’t watched SNL. And in the off-season, I miss it terribly. When people tell me that they don’t think it’s funny, I actually feel like they’re talking smack about my mom or something and it hurts my feelings. Maybe I need help.

Anyway, I’ve started watching all of them from the very beginning. Right now, I’m nearing the end of Season 2. Bill Murray’s in the mix now – what what! Yes, some of the early episodes are a little rough. The Muppets can be a little tedious and a lot of the humor was topical to things that were going on before I was born, but there are awesome moments. The musical guests are always a treat to watch – for instance, I just watched one with Frank Zappa and he had Don Pardo perform a bunch of the vocals (amazing). If you don’t feel like being a completist nerd like me, you can always jump ahead to the ’80s, ’90s, ’00s or yes, even the ’10s.

SNL, I will love you forever. Here’s one of my favorite opening monologues from back in the day (1991) starring Steve Martin, “Not Gonna Phone It In Tonight.”