T-ara’s Roly Poly = K-Pop Meets Travolta

After being introduced to this T-ara (who you may remember from “Bo Peep“) song/video, it’s been ruling my life. I’ll forget about it, but then as soon as I remember that it exists, it’s “roly poly roly roly poly” all up in my brain for days. The video is of the long form concept variety and though I am pretty sure I’m missing some of what’s going on, most of it is fairly obvious. A Korean lady is reminiscing about her school days in the ’70s when she and her homies would skip out on sing-song outdoor hour to go to the CLUB and get freaky with some bottles of Coke and an amazing wardrobe. AND THE DANCE MOVES. I dunno, you may be hesitant to commit to a 12.5 minute K-Pop video, but I implore you to stop hesitating and do it now. Keep an eye out for the extreme sassafrass of the young lady in the striped jacket.