Ryan Adams: Ruling

Hey there, Mr. Adams,

I have missed you during your recent two year touring hiatus! But, I am glad that my favorite fella (Tom) and I got to see you perform at Carnegie Hall last week with Jessica Lea Mayfield. The show was great, especially the part when you played Dirty Rain, the part when you played My Winding Wheel, and the part when you told that lady with the ancient camera to take it easy because her neverending shutterbugging was sure to make all of the people sitting around her real mad. If I had been sitting near her, I’m pretty sure I would have been ready to throw her camera out the window, so you got it right. Anyways, thanks for a super amazing show; it ruled.

Love, Kat

p.s. For those who are not familiar with Ryan Adams, watch this video of him playing one of his new songs, Dirty Rain. Ruling.