Mat Daly Art: Le Sigh


I have a bad habit that I need to confess.  I, hoarder like, go online and buy prints upon prints and then never frame them.  I think I probably have about five prints right now that are just wallowing in darkness and dust in my closet, never to see the light of day (or at least not for a year or two).  One of those lovely prints is the one above by the amazing Mat Daly, called Susie vs The Jungle.

Chances are if you’ve ever seen a Renegade Craft Fair poster, then you are familiar with Mat’s work.  Shades of Seurat and bokeh color a lot of his art, along with a combination of city and landscape that makes me feel like I could put his work on my wall and it would be a window into a secret part of NYC.

Located in Chicago, it’s not often Mat is here in NY selling his wares but he can usually be found at his booth at the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair which takes place during the summer.  Until then, take a gander at his work online, and then tell me where you go to get frames because I am so lazy I can’t even make myself do that.

From top to bottom: Susie Vs. The Jungle / Renegade Brooklyn 2005 / Renegade Brooklyn 2007 / Family Garden