Angelo:Home = Cute Furniture for Ikea Prices

I recently moved to a new neighborhood and decided that I really needed to get rid of my ancient Ikea furniture to make way for…new Ikea furniture?  Well, yes.  Because the more I looked around the more I realized that anything that is not Ikea is insaaaaanely overpriced.  Sure, you can hunt for deals and wait for the right thing to come along but I needed some of these things asap and didn’t have that luxury.

While clicking around on I found that a lot of cute chairs were from a brand called Angelo:Home.  I looked it up and WHAT, a treasure trove of affordably priced chairs, loveseats, sofas and ottomans!

I ended up getting the above Bradstreet chair…the print is amazing and I was so happy that for around $130 from (I used a code for 10% off…sign up for their mailing list and they will send you coupons practically every day) I had finally gotten a cute piece of furniture that was comfortable and good looking.  It fits right in with my Ikea bedframe and Ikea dresser.  You can’t win them all, folks.

My next purchase might be these nesting ottomans…how perfect are these for a tiny New York apartment?

Check out Angelo:Home for their full line, then follow the links to find the items in stores and online.

From top to bottom: Harlow Sofa / Sutton Arm Chair / Bradstreet Chair