Animal Magnetism: Love for Spanx Look-at-Me Leggings

Dark tights and leggings are essential for fall as way to prolong the wearability of cute dresses, stay warm, and be super comfy. Last year, I tested a few brands of opaque tights before deciding that Spanx’s Tight-End Tight was a clear winner. So, it’s not surprising that I also love their new cotton leggings! The Look-at-Me Leggings (ignore the silly name) are awesome for various reasons. Firstly, they smooth and support in typical Spanx fashion. Secondly, the wide waistband is super comfortable and doesn’t dig in your sides or tummy. Lastly, they stay put, so there’s no adjusting to be done. The price is pretty steep at $66, but if they last, it’ll be worth it. Time will tell!

You can buy them directly from Spanx who’s offering free shipping and returns until Dec. 31.