Sponge Candy: Manna from Heaven (AKA Buffalo)

As part of my lifelong quest to convince the world that my hometown of Buffalo RULES, I force-fed everyone in my office sponge candy today. I usually prefer not to explain what sponge candy is and rather let sheer tastebud ecstasy take over, but until internet taste technology gets invented, here goes.

Sponge candy is a delicious Buffalo delicacy that consists of a crispy, crunchy, caramely cube coated in creamy chocolate. Fowler’s makes my favorite sponge candy and though I’m usually a dark chocolate fan, milk chocolate sponge candy is truly where it’s at.

If you are a lover of delicious things (or if you need a gift for a lover of delicious things), you can get a pound of the good stuff for $19.99 on Fowler’s site.