American Apparel Glitter Polishes

American Apparel has many faults…Dov Charney is gross, the brand image is sleazy and their clothes can be totally bizarre.  All of this serves to make me feel pretty weird when I find myself there, all too often, picking up some random item and wondering “Why can’t I quit you??”.

Once again, just as I try to pull away, AA pulls me back in.  I’m a big fan of their polishes…great coverage, a normal price for once ($6/bottle) and really awesome colors.  Now they have these amazing glitters and for $18 for the set, they really are a steal.  From left to right above we have Meteor Shower (chunky irregular gold flakes), Constellation (silver bar glitter) and Supernova (yet another rip-off of Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday).  All three are gorgeous…wouldn’t the set make a great gift for someone this holiday season?

Snatch up these lovelies online or at your local American Apparel store.