Etsy Finds: Cute, Minimal Kindle Sleeve

I was recently given a Kindle and I love it in a major way! I doubt I’ll ever go full-time Kindle as I enjoy real, actual books too much, but it comes in extremely handy when you don’t want to lug around a 1,000 page book (hello, 1Q84!). Anyway, I soon realized that just cramming it in my bag buck nekkid wasn’t a great idea if I wanted it to last and remain scratch-free. Thus began my Kindle sleeve case hunt. After paging through endless internet products, I finally landed on this one. It’s simple, cute and has no complicated fasteners to contend with, so when you get to your stop on train, it’s easy to shove it in the case before shoving it in your bag.

Pick one up from Etsy seller PinsnNeedlesCases for $19.