Netflix Fix: Battlestar Galactica

PA Nina has been telling me to watch Battlestar Galactica for years. Back then, I let all my usual prejudices get in the way. “I’m so not into science fiction!” I told her and snubbed my nose at the whole idea of space, rebelling robots, and epic battling. That is, until I had a whole lazy Sunday to spend on the couch nursing a ladies karaoke induced hangover. I needed a new show and there it was waiting on Netflix Instant with 74 full episodes and a miniseries! Of course, I was totally wrong. Battlestar is amazing! It’s much more than the people v. robot space war I anticipated. It’s very much a human drama full of rich, well-developed characters, and weighty themes. Battlestar is highly addictive and will give any viewer a new appreciation for the awesomeness that is Edward James Olmos.

Samuel T. Anders

As an added bonus, the show is full of feast-your-eyes-worthy dudes, like Samuel T. Anders who is played by Michael Trucco. Add it to your queue and fracking enjoy! So say we all.