Netflix Fix: Doc Martin

When Doc Martin appeared in my queue, how was I to know that this cranky London surgeon, self-banished to Cornwall due to his sudden onset of hemotophobia, would win my heart so thoroughly?  The series follows Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) an extremely socially awkward but brilliant surgeon as he deals with small town life.  “Socially awkward” is an understatement – there are multiple insinuations that he has possible Aspergers.  There’s an endless parade of quirky townsfolk for him to interact with and insult.  The town itself is one of my favorite characters, and makes me want to ditch it all and move to some little backwater posthaste, even though no doubt I’d be bored to death with only 2 restaurants and no discernible movie theater – although I guess that’s what Netflix is for.

Seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix, and if you get to the end and are full of sadness, fear not!  A belated 5th season is currently airing on ITV in England and will make its way over here soon enough.