InfomerciaLULZ: Door Delights

You know how cable channels sometimes show super wack commercials? The other day, the TV was on and though I wasn’t really paying attention to it, this incredibly high-pitched sing-songy voice caught my ear. Alas, it was a mini infomercial for something called Door Delights. What are Door Delights, you ask? Basically, glorified magnets…with very, very minimal glory.

Though the ad employs the classic infomercial device of showing people totally frustrated with simple, everyday activities, for me the highlights of this ad are the lofty claims it makes. Use Door Delights and you will FEEL PROUD. You NEIGHBORS WILL BE IN AWE.  You will DRAW A CROWD. IT’S A MOTHERF-ING FAMILY DELIGHT. And whatever majesty you may be imagining that these Door Delights can produce, let me assure you, these jacked-up garage doors are not going to come close to measuring up.

I don’t know why, but these Door Delights send me into rapturous lulz. Check the video: