Nicki Minaj’s A$$: It’s Complicated

OK, so I have this “thing” with the concept of guilty pleasures. So, you like a song that isn’t “cool,” a movie that isn’t “intellectually stimulating,” a food that isn’t “healthy.” Who cares? You can’t always be 100% on point all the time. Or you can, but that would be really boring. Quinoa 24/7 is no fun. Sometimes you have to forget what’s good for you and do something just because you enjoy it. As long as you’re not hurting anyone (or yourself), the emotion of guilt should not come into play.

However, over the summer I came to terms with a pleasure that I actually felt guilty about. Big Sean’s song “Dance (A$$).” Why? It objectifies women to the max. Now, being an avid fan of hip hop, I’ve listened to / loved / not given a shit about songs and videos that treat women like pieces of meat. But recently, that kind of thing has started being not OK for me. Stuff I liked before has been grandfathered in (I mean, I have three versions of “Ass and Titties” by DJ Assault on my iPhone), but the new stuff makes me all like “who is this 12 year old Kanye-protege whippersnapper talking about girls’ asses like that?” Who in the Dickens does he think he is? And I HATE being told through song that I should be moving my body in any certain way. Unless it’s the Electric Slide or you’re Andre 3000, just let me figure out the best way to gyrate on my own, OK?!

Basically, like Alec and Meryl, this shit is complicated for me.

The non-moral of the non-story is that I felt confused/intrigued/OK about liking this song (kind of) when the REMIX came out featuring none other than my love, Nicki Minaj. I suppose there are many choices here on how you can feel about this filthy, filthy banger and I would probably be able to empathize with most of them. In the end though, I’ve decided that the magical draw of this particular A$$ is too strong for me to resist.

Behold, the video:

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