Azealia Banks in Video Form = Today’s Reason to Live

So, I know I just posted about Azealia Banks, but that was when the “212” video wasn’t available online. And trust me, you need to see/hear it. I first thought that “Runnin’” was my favorite AB track, but I was wrong. “212” is the most exciting song I’ve heard this year…maybe tied with “Ni**as in Paris.” Even if it wasn’t for Ms. Banks FIYAH, the beat alone is Club Amazura insanity – kudos to Lazy Jay. The track is audio crack and seeing the video makes me love it so, so much more.

Why? Well, it shows that she’s a classic A-. What does that mean? She’s like the brilliant student that doesn’t have to try to get good grades. She just does because she’s a genius. And “212” is like her senior thesis. (I’m pretty sure I stole that concept from a years-old Jay-Z review, but I can’t remember exactly where it came from.) Anyway, there, look at how she just leans against the brick wall casually spitting solid gold BULLETS. She’s wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater. She’s dancing goofily. She’s smiling the whole time! Even when she gets all tough, she’s totally smizing. And “Who’re you, bitch? You lunch?” is the best “I want to eat my opponents like so many Olive Garden Neverending Pasta Bowls” type line since Nicki Minaj’s “I think I’ll have a rap bitch for my entree.”

Be forewarned though, this song is more than a little NSFW.

ILU, Azealia! Please send more bangers!