The Hunger Games Trailer Officially Explodes Our Brains


Oh my Panem you guys, can you believe this?  This trailer is really encouraging.  The posters were great, but I was concerned with how clean and perfect everyone looked…the Hunger Games are gritty, not a place for glamour shots!  But this trailer is just wow.  I immediately started tearing up when Katniss volunteers herself for tribute, and got even mistier when they showed Rue peering out from behind a wall in the capitol.  Katniss is looking appropriately badass, Peeta looks cuter than I thought he would and poor Gale was looking pretty sad and emo in that field at the end.

Are you guys freaking out?  Cause I don’t know if you could tell but I am.

Hunger Games comes out on March 23rd.  Ugh right now that seems like a million miles away.