Vintage Franco: Whatever It Takes

I was innocently Googling Aaron Paul, the brilliant actor who plays Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, when I came across this movie from his filmography. And who is that ill-advisedly coiffed gentleman on the right? Correct. It’s no other than Mr. Experimental Performance Art James Franco in perhaps the worst movie poster I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, seriously. Apparently, Whatever It Takes is not about electroclash and is rather, a 2000 teen movie take on Cyrano de Bergerac. At one point, James Franco is practically naked, handcuffed to a bed! Stick around for more on that.

First, check out the trailer. You can totally spy a cute little Jesse Pinkman here!

And now, the aforementioned almost-naked handcuffed scene:

This looks like one of the worst movies ever, but you know what, I kind of want to watch it. Who’s in? It is available on Netflix, but not instantly, damnit!