Notes by R. Nichols

I have no idea whether the note cards of R. Nichols will be new or old news to you, dear readers. But the fact is that I bought a box full of these super cute cards probably almost 7 or 9 years ago at this point (who can tell; the years run like water), and I have always thought these particular note cards to be the cutest ones I have ever owned.  And because I finally (and sadly!) used up my last R. Nichols note card the other day, these cards have been swimming around in my thoughts of late. The thank you card above is pretty similar to the cards I used to own, which also featured a few fluttering moths illuminated by a streetlight. And because these moths have been casting shadows around the edges of my brain, I was pleased to learn from the interwebs that not only has R. Nichols been making these cute cards since 1994, but also that he claims his note and greeting card business would not exist today if not for the loads of cut paper, “weekend consuming” artwork projects required by his sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Dater. What an awesome story, and what super sweet cards!

You can find the notes of R. Nichols on his website or on Amazon.