Mindy Kaling Be My Best Friend Pls Thx

Mindy Kaling, writer and actor on The Office, just released her first book and I am waaaay excited to read it.  Years ago Mindy had started (and then abandoned, and then picked up again) a blog called Things I’ve Bought That I Love, and PA Kiki and I adored it.  She talked about her love for candy from Trader Joe’s, fave brands of yoga pants and lip gloss.  It was unapologetically girly and made me feel like you could be talented and respected and still love pink and cheesy pop music (a relief to me considering how much I love both those things).

Today, while reading about her new book, I decided to see if she has a website and folks, not only does she have a website but it is glorious.  I was happy to see that she has continued her old blog on there, I had no idea!  Now I can happily read about how much she loves snakeskin jeans from The Gap, House of Harlow earrings and banh mi sandwich fixings.

She also has an amazing section where she put pictures of herself, and then comments on each picture.  It is a treasure trove of adorableness and lulz:

So if you’re bored at work, clicky on over to Mindy’s site, and then download her book onto your Nook/Kindle and get to readin’!


All images via The Concerns of Mindy Kaling