Filter Your Water Like a Boss

When I was in college, I had a Brita but was a very bad owner…I would almost never change the filter, and then I would get those black specks in my water and it was just gross.  I finally tossed the Brita when I moved to NY, much to the chagrin of PA Nina who will only drink water when it’s ice cold, and thus shuns the lukewarm water I try to force on her from my tap.  But Nina no longer has to suffer, because I found the dopest looking filtering system out there!

The Bobble Jug is $29.99 and is clearly the prettiest Brita alternative ever.  The only question is which color to get…I like the cheeriness of the pink, but also dig the Darth Vader-like vibe the black one gives off.  Decisions decisions (#1%problems).

Head on over to Water Bobble to gussy up your fridge real nice.