Daniel Gordon at Wallspace Gallery

Daniel Gordon Tangerines in Orange and Blue

Daniel Gordon: Tangerines in Orange and Blue

Daniel Gordon is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose current project is something everyone should check out. His work is the result of an elaborate creative process where Gordon prints images from the internet then cuts and transforms them into sculptural collages that are then photographed and subsequently printed. The result are deeply saturated color photographs that seem to reference classic paintings yet somehow escape the imitative mold. The objects in the still lifes and the faces in the portraits seem to be pulling apart, decomposing before the viewer. Yet the process itself – one of extreme composition – and the final product tell the story of an object as a whole. It’s an interesting study of a paradoxical decomposing/restructuring world, and it looks good to boot.

Daniel Gordon’s solo show, titled Still Lifes, Portraits, & Parts is currently showing at the Wallspace Gallery in Chelsea at 619 W 27th St. If you can’t make it out to the show, you should check out his project on his website.